Lady and I are sitting on the couch. I’m on my laptop and Lady is chewing up her stuffed alligator toy. Everything is peaceful and quiet when all the sudden she lets out the most hateful and vicious growl I’ve ever heard out of her. I look over and she is just glaring at the tv. There was a horse on the tv galloping across the screen. Apparently, Lady StumpyLegs thought tv horse was going to steal her alligator.

"Go away beast, dis my alligator stuffy."

She continued to glare at the screen for like a minute after the horse left before returning to her toy. She is literally looking up at the screen every so often as if to make sure tv horse is not trying to kidnap alligator toy.

My dog is a psycho.



Quality & function approved by Harry Barker! A winter must have!

Foggy Mountain Dog Coat

Plaid Turnout, Red Plaid
Size: 18 (18”) this is a regular cut (not Bassett or Dachshund)
Measure from base of neck (between shoulders) to base of tail.

Wool exterior. Fleece interior. Gold hard wear. Equestrian style. Basically a shrunken horse blanket with a lovely fleece lining. Circingle belly straps do not interfere with going wee. Front bucket does not interfere with gait. Appropriate bum coverage.

Fabulous construction. Fabric moves with motion. Does not slide even when tumbling/rolling at max corgi speed.

Also available in a turnout sheet nylon exterior. Snugglers, rain jackets and breed specific cuts also available. Fully adjustable. Best of all, fits the corgi build!

Truly a wonderful find.

I have this same coat for Lady in the red nylon. We used it all last winter and it still looks brand new! 10/10 Would recommend for any and all doggies this winter!